300 jobs available in Ipswich business exapnsion

AN EXTRA 300 jobs are expected to become available before March in the wake of the Ipswich meatworks jobs crisis.

Some of the 250 Churchill Abattoir workers who were made redundant when the site stopped slaughtering in September are yet to find a new role but Dinmore meatworks JBS is expanding their operations.

Australasian Meat Industry Employee' Union organiser Warren Earle said the site was ramping up their production following two years of decline.

He said production at JBS had been steadily reducing, with slaughter cut from 10 shifts a week to eight and last year the evening slaughter was reduced to 1200 head a shift compared to 1700 head.

Mr Earle said it was understood production would be increased to nine shifts, another day shift on Friday, and the evening kill would be pushed back up to 1700 head.

"There is a little bit more good news in that another shift has been put on at Dinmore which I estimate could mean about another 300 jobs," he said.

"Now the company is saying they are trying to bring the kill back up to 1700 head every night.

"They are advertising now and they want these workers, it's all systems go and they expect to have this shift up and running by about March."

The last day of slaughter at the old Churchill Abattoir site was on September 28 and those animals were boned the following day before that part of the abattoir closed.

Up to about 250 people were out of a jobs and another 300 will lose their jobs when the Woolworths-managed sausage room, packaging room and corning room stopped operations later this year.

Mr Earle previously said the Ipswich community, interstate companies, councils and government had banded together to show their support for the impacted workers and help them into new jobs.

"It was like being hit with a big sledge hammer but we are working together to try and get people into jobs and find work where we can," he said.

"There are more impacts than on these people and these families. They spend their money, they don't just tuck it away."

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Labourers, boners, slicers and butchers are needed at the JBS plant at Dinmore. This is a great opportunity to enter a career at the ground floor with endless opportunity and a great chance to earn good money, the ad read. Resumes should be forwarded to EmploymentDinmore@jbssa.com.au or drop it off at the guard house.