Wayne Dale Peterson has failed to have his drug sentence reduced.
Wayne Dale Peterson has failed to have his drug sentence reduced. kaspiic

30-year life of crime but crook still fails to brief lawyer

IPSWICH crook Wayne Dale Peterson has a drug-related crime history spanning three decades so he knows his way around a court room.

However, the convicted methamphetamine and buprenorphine dealer forgot to ask his lawyer to appeal his latest sentence.

That decision ended up costing him a shot at reducing the 18 months he must spend in jail.

Peterson was sentenced to four years in prison in September 2018 after pleading guilty to trafficking in dangerous drugs.

Police busted him selling ice and the pain killer buprenorphine over 12 days in July of 2017.

Officers discovered 209 messages on his mobile phone indicating at least 34 transactions with his customers.

It was the latest in a string of offences for possessing, supplying and/or producing drugs from his three decades of being on the wrong side of the law.

Peterson also repeatedly breached court orders, court documents show.

After pleading guilty to the trafficking charge stemming from the 2017 offences, Peterson was ordered to serve 18 months of the four-year sentence.

He is due for parole in February next year.

In rejecting Peterson's application for more time to appeal the sentence, the Court of Appeal justices said the original jail term was just and that the application for an extension of time to appeal the sentence should be dismissed.

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