Ipswich CBD Mall redevelopment. August 17, 2019.
Ipswich CBD Mall redevelopment. August 17, 2019.

2020 wishlist: You say what needs to be fixed

EARLIER this month, we asked residents what would be on their wishlist for Ipswich for 2020.

There are many things Ipswich City Council or the local pollies have no influence over at all, such as rain, however, there were some consistent requests.



Paul Alexander: Close down the toxic dumps. Stop the toxic incinerator. Close down the explosives factory. Close down the tyre dump.

WHERE IT'S AT: Wanless Waste Management is organising drop-in sessions for a development application for the Wanless Recycling Park in Ebenezer. Along with the new recycling facility, Wildfire Industries will lodge a development application for a waste-to-energy plant in Redbank Plains. The Brisbane-based company has scored a $500,000 grant from the State Government to get the project over the line.



Pauline Williamson from Ipswich City Mall Newsagency can't wait for the mall to be completed.
Pauline Williamson from Ipswich City Mall Newsagency can't wait for the mall to be completed.



Sam Harrison: Bring the city centre back to life.

Michelle Annette Dor: Fix the mall. I doubt anyone has the capabilities to do it.

WHERE IT'S AT: The fences came down on the Nicholas St precinct a little over a week ago now but Ipswich City Council has predicted it will be at least nine months before residents will see new traders in the mall.

Traders in the mall are happy the fences are down and more shoppers are going through the area, but lament it has been a long wait.



Sean Smiley Maskiel: Job schemes (even if it's only for a few months I'd be happy with anything).

Rachael Frost: The unemployment rate to drop.

Data gathered from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Centrelink shows Ipswich's unemployment rate is 6.78 per cent, above the state average of six per cent and 5.1 per cent for the country. There are 7350 unemployed people in Ipswich, according to the figures, which are up to date as of March.

Several major employers have come to Ipswich, including Australia Post, Costco and Rhienmetall. There are positions through the Queensland Electoral Commission for staff for the local government elections. There are more jobs to come, with the construction of a Coles distribution centre for southeast Queensland as well.


Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale. Picture: Alistair Brightman
Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale. Picture: Alistair Brightman



Wayne Firns: Only got one priority for Ipswich council. That is to put the ratepayers first. Not their own pockets.

Kieron Tolliday: To get an actual council and not administrators.

Residents will vote on March 28 for their new council from a spread of local candidates while CCC and court proceedings are continuing involving former members of the Ipswich City Council.

There are 14 candidates set to contest the four Ipswich Divisions. The official registrations process for council candidates will begin early January. As of September, former mayor Paul Pisasale has been committed to stand trial on almost 20 charges including sexual assault, fraud and corruption.

Former mayor Andrew Antoniolli was last in court in October to begin an appeals process against his 13 convictions for fraud-related offences when in office.



Kris Mackwood-Milovale: We have one bus an hour in Goodna and then it doesn't even meet up with the trains. So if they can be synchronised, it would be better.

Ezza Menz: There are so many future bus stops in Redbank Plains. As there are no buses, I have been dropping a friend's kids at school.

WHERE IT'S AT: Springfield is set to receive a makeover to its bus timetable early next year, with the 522 service running as two routes, 527 and 528.

A "more reliable" timetable will also be introduced for route 526, which runs from Springfield Central station to Redbank station via Redbank Plaza Shopping Centre.

There are calls for Ipswich to receive a similar makeover to its timetable, and a Basin Pocket senior has spoken out about the need for more transport.