Cr David Morrison.
Cr David Morrison. Inga Williams

2020 election too soon to call for veteran councillors

DAVID Morrison said he believed he still had strong support in the community, but that he had not decided on whether or not he would run again in 2020.

"I can't look anybody in the eye and say yes or no," he said.

"I have my fifth grandchild on the way and it depends on health, but I'm feeling good at the moment.

"At the same time I think, 'why?', because there is nothing we can do or say at the moment that is not taken out of context."

Cr Morrison said he was still optimistic for the city's future, but worried about how an administrator would interact with the community.

"It's an unknown, it has never happened before," he said. "What I can say is that there will be no community representation in council. It concerns me that the voice of the community cannot be brought to this table over the next 18 months."

Cheryl Bromage was also reluctant to make a call on running again in 18 months.

The veteran of 14 yearssaid she would need to take time to reassess the situation.

"I think we need to just deal with the situation we are in at the moment," she said.

"Everything is very raw at the moment. I don't understand how people can put a bill before parliament that has no appeal rights, and there's no natural justice. The State Government is going against their own acts by doing this. They will have to live with it."

Cr Bromage said she was still receiving text messages and emails of support during yesterday's meeting. She said it was unjust that she would not have the opportunity to clear her name.

"The (CCC) report that was handed down last week did not refer to a "she" or a "her" and you could see that we are all just caught in the sphere of it," she said.

"Those who were named will have their day in court, but we never will because we haven't been charged."