MILESTONE: Megan Sabburg of South Ripley is Ipswich's 200,000th resident and her young son Jackson is the 200,001st.
MILESTONE: Megan Sabburg of South Ripley is Ipswich's 200,000th resident and her young son Jackson is the 200,001st.

200,000th resident unveiled in Ipswich population boom

YOU ain't seen nothing yet.

Ipswich welcomed Megan Sabburg of South Ripley as its 200,000th resident today in an historic milestone, but by the time Ms Sabburg's three-and-a-half month old son Jackson is starting work in 20 years time, that population will have more than doubled.

By 2041, Ipswich will have a stunning 520,000 residents; larger than the current populations of European cities such as Liverpool, Toulouse and The Hague.

The need for extra state and federal government funded infrastructure will be vital in the coming years, but for now Ms Sabburg and her young family are enjoying the facilities that new suburbs like South Ripley provide.

"I am from Gatton and I have got family there and in Ipswich, but South Ripley appealed to me mainly because of its location,” she said.

"It is close to where my partner works, close to Brisbane and the coast.

"It is a really nice estate here as well.

"I love the views. You can see the mountains and it is very scenic.

"It will be great for my son. There is a splash park down near the cafe he can play in when he gets older and there are sporting fields as well for when he gets older.

"There's going to be a school here and you can do your shopping here. When it all gets finished it will be lovely.”

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale said Ms Sabburg was attracted to Ipswich for all the right reasons.

"Ipswich is growing faster than anywhere else because we are creating a family friendly city and the jobs and sustainability that goes with it,” he said.

"This year with our CBD redevelopment, our city of centres and our upcoming beautification program in every suburb we are positioning Ipswich as a world class city.

"We have welcomed our 200,000th resident but it was just 15 months ago that we welcomed our 190,000th. We are a becoming a city of choice.”

City planning boss Cr Andrew Antoniolli said he was not surprised the 200,000th resident was unveiled in South Ripley.

"In our quarterly reports South Ripley has been shown to be one of the fastest growing areas in the city, when a couple of years ago it was Redbank Plains and Springfield,” he said.

"About 20 families a week are moving into South Ripley. Our population is growing at around 165 people per week (across Ipswich) and that is roughly 50 homes, so South Ripley is making up a large proportion of that growth.”

Cr Antoniolli said the developments in the suburb had been well designed and ensured community infrastructure such as playgrounds and parks were in place.

But Cr Antoniolli reiterated that state and federal governments needed to take advantage of the council's planning provisions for major infrastructure, including rail, and "come up with the dough” to meet the needs of a growing city.

"Around 10 years ago Ipswich had a population of 150,000,” Cr Antoniolli said.

"People may think that extra 50,000 in 15 years is fast growth, but we are going to double our population to 400,000 in 20 years. So governments need to start spending some time, energy and money in Ipswich.”