The future vision of Springfield's Health City.
The future vision of Springfield's Health City.

'Parks, shops, restaurants': 20 developments coming soon

SINCE it's development 25 years ago Springfield has been growing at a rapid rate.

Now home to one of Queensland's fastest growing suburbs - Spring Mountain with capital growth of 103.6 per cent - the population is expected to grow by 6 per cent a year for the next 20 years.

Spring Mountain at Greater Springfield is the fastest growing suburb in the Ipswich Region and the state's second best performing suburb.

New research shows that Springfield Central is positioned to be the work, study and services hub of a catchment of 350,000 people by 2036.

And once complete, Springfield Central's 360ha heart will be twice the size of Brisbane's CBD.

Here's what developers are bringing to Springfield.

1. Extension to Springfield Fair

Developers have applied to extend Springifeld Fair and add another 476m2 of gross floor area.

The centre currently is home to a Coles and 17 retail outlets.

In a report submitted to the council the plans outline the proposed tenancies are two physically separated pavilion style buildings, adjacent to the main pedestrian entrance to the shopping centre and are intended to provide a more contemporary shopping centre experience where lifestyle and entertainment options are provided to compliment the retail activities.

To accommodate these tenancies, reconfiguration of some carparking, pedestrian access and loading and taxi zones is required.

Council is yet to make a decision.

2. Townhouses

A development plan was approved by Ipswich City Council in May for 118 attached town houses at Springfield Lakes.

The property is described as 17 Springfield Lakes Boulevard, 15 and 17 View Point Drive and 13 Spring Ave Springfield Lakes, and an application to start road and drainage work currently sits before the council.

Plans include a communal area and the three bedroom townhouses to be completed over five stages.

Original plans for the site were for 127 attached dwellings.

3. Shops, childcare centre, retail warehouse, restaurant and medical centre at Springfield Lakes.

Developers want to extend the Spring Lake Metro Centre.

A material change of use for a 76 child capacity child care centre, and shop, restaurant, medical centre, fast food premises, commercial premise and or vet clinic and motel extension has been submitted to the council.

The extension will increase the centre's floor area by 2370m2.

Currently the area is home to a tavern, McDonald's and 23 retail shops.

4. Idea City

Land bordering Sinnathamby Blve, Sportstar Drv and Spring Mountain Blvd has been cleared for Springfield City Group's future vision for Idea City.

The land borders Sinnathamby Blve, Sportstar Drv and Spring Mountain Blvd.

On their website Springfield City Group say the IDEA City precinct is designed to engage and encourage innovation, design, entrepreneurship, and art.

Idea City's individual neighbourhoods will connect seamlessly to surrounding health and education zones.

While Idea City will maintain a strong research focus to commercialise innovation in partnership with government and business - particularly focused on the physical-digital fusion that is happening between old and new sectors of the economy.

The Idea precinct and planning concept was showcased to potential investors recently.

5. Health City

THE future vision for Springfield's Health City includes another university, a living lab and more public hospital places.

International design firm Broadway Malyan won the chance to design the 52ha site.

Springfield City Group has taken the plans to Melbourne and Sydney as SCG looks Australia-wide and internationally for investment partners to make the design a reality.

The winning design includes a multi-level John Nugent Way, including cafes, playground and a jogging track all with a health park at the centre.

There's bikes for hire, an expanded Mater Hospital with a mental hospital, medical research facilities, a technology centre and more.

The Mater has approval to expand to 1200 beds and Aveo has approval for 2500 units.

6. Pilates Studio

An application has been received to convert retail tenancies on Wellness Way and Specialist Lane into space for a Pilates studio.

Springfield City Group submitted the application on behalf of the land owner, the intended user is Studio Pilates.

The application was submitted last month.

7. Fast food, office space and retail warehouse

An application to undertake road works stormwater, drainage work, earthworks and signage has been submitted for a site at 11-17 Commercial Drive Springfield.

If approved the works will mark the start of the development of a fast food premises, professional office and retail warehouse which was approved by the council in January.

The development is for a drive through fast food premises and offices or retail warehouse tenancy on a 4,609m2 parcel of land.

8. District Park

Lendlease is looking to creat a district park at Spring Mountain.

An application to reconfigure a three lots into six has been submitted to Ipswich City Council on Novembr 14.

The proposed development is over 152ha of vacant land located at 7001 Sinnathamby Boulevard, 7001 and 7003 Grande Avenue, Spring Mountain.

9. Keema car dealership

THE first of three Keema Group dealerships in Springfield is currently under construction.

The dealership was originally thought to sell luxury cars, but plans lodged with Ipswich City Council showed Hyundai branding back in May.

Keema is building the dealership on the corner of Augusta Parkway and Technology Drive, just past McDonalds.

The plans for the large modern showroom in Augustine Heights were first approved in August last year.

In October earthworks were approved for the automall site and an application to undertake landscaping is currently waiting for approvals.

10. $9.89 million school hall.

HUTCHINSON Builders has been awarded the contract to build a $9.89 million multi-purpose hall at Springfield Central State High School.

The hall is expected to be finished by 2020 and includes two basketball courts, a kinesiology laboratory, change rooms and amenities, as well as meeting rooms.

11. Parkside Apartments

PLANS for the second stage of Springfield City Group's Parkside Apartments have been approved by Ipswich City Council.

The plans include an apartment building, commercial spaces, medical centre, general store and real estate office as well as restaurants.

Stage one included 66 units across eight residential levels and two carparking levels.

Now stage two has been approved, an apartment building with 74 units on six levels will be constructed.

A further two car parking levels, local shops and a fast food premises are a part of the initial development approval.

The proposal includes a 25m lap pool, an outdoor yoga and gym area, communal space and barbecue areas.

The whole development is bordered by Ian Keiler Drive and Barry Alexander Drive and backs onto Robelle Domain.

12. Three-storey classroom at St Peters

A THREE-level flexible learning space has been approved for construction at the growing Springfield school.

St Peters Lutheran College at Springfield has secured Ipswich City Council approval to build stage three of its facility.

The building will cater to the school's Prep Year to Year 12 students and feature eight flexible learning spaces and an iSTEM lab.

13. Interim car park on Wellness Way, Springfield Central

Springfield Land Corporation submitted an application for a health city commuter car park in October.

14. Masters plans

PLANS have now been revealed to turn the old Masters building into a retail warehouse with up to 10 business.

The plans include a restaurant, medical centre, 24-hour gym, play centre and cafe, 122-place child care centre and local shops, including a chemist.

Nationally, Home Consortium plans to re-purpose the former Masters stores into multi-tenant large format centres, with a focus on retail showroom and homemaker uses.

A current area development plan for a retail warehouse, restaurant, medical centre, indoor recreation (gym and play centre), child care centre and local shops (chemist and pharmacy) was submitted to council in June but online records show no decision has been made yet.

15. Springfield Lakes South Neighbourhood Centre

A NEW shopping centre, child care centre, car wash and service station is planned for a corner block on Grande Ave and Springfield Greenbank Arterial at Springfield Lakes. An application was submitted to the council in April but no decision has been made on the application yet.

16. Childcare centre

A CHILDCARE centre at Brookwater was given the green light in July. The centre will cater for up to 105 children and will operate from 7am-6pm weekdays at 22 Magnolia Drive.

17. 2277 Apartments

LAND being cleared on Eden Station Drv adjacent the Springfield Central train station marks the start of a $6.3 billion development in Springfield.

The land clearing is for the next stage of the Brookwater residential, Central Garden Apartment project and the City Centre North development project.

The full development will see about 10,000 apartments delivered in five stages as well as extensive commercial and retail spaces and is expected to create thousands of jobs.

A development application was approved for stage one of the project, 2277 apartments located between Augusta Parkway and Eden Station Drive on January 29.

Plans for the residential community include basement car parking and a residents-only club house designed to house pool, gym, childcare and cooking facilities.

A 1500m2 local activity centre will be incorporated providing space for shops, cafes, a medical centre and more.

Another 2000m2 has been set aside for business use and 5000m2 for community facilities.

In the centre of the development a private water body and publicly accessible open space has been planned.

18. Mega Playground

PLANS have been approved to build a million dollar, three-storey, mega playground.

Development application material shows plans to build three trampolines, a large webbed climbing apparatus and two large, elevated slides.

Developer Mirvac submitted the plans to Ipswich City Council on May 15.

The three-storey playground will be built on Ipswich City Council-owned land at 130 Southern Cross Circuit.

Ipswich City Council approved the plans on June 26 for a currency period of six years.

19. Kalina

Stockland is currently building their new Kalina community in Springfield.

A central and a network of walking trails feature in plans for the master-planned community.

Construction on the $121million development started in September.

Kalina Springfield's first land release will include 20 lots ranging in size from 313sqm to 595sqm, with prices from $241,900 to $324,900.

The masterplan includes 10.3ha of dedicated open space including a 5000sqm central park and a scenic network of walking and cycling trails winding past bushland.

20. Springfield Rise

The massive Springfield Rise estate at Spring Mountain continues to grow.

Once completed the massive estate is predicted to be home to about 12,000 people in 4,000 homes across 12 addresses.

Lendlease, the company developing the residential estate, have released four addresses to date - Creekwood, Park Lane, Forrest Ridge and The Highlands - with the rest to come in future stages.

Development approvals from Ipswich City Council have been received for an additional 350 lots across two further addresses, Sunset Ridge and The Boulevard.