14 plans merged into one as Seeney unveils development regime

APN NEWSDESKA SHARPER state development regime will distil 14 Queensland planning policies into a single document, which will be published and put into force from Monday.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney told the Urban Development Institute of Australia in Brisbane on Thursday the scheme was the product of 15 months work and took into account more than 340 submissions.

Mr Seeney said the new rules ensured councils could put proposed developments in the right place for their communities "without unnecessary delays".

Developers too, he said, would have a clear view on how to apply to develop areas, even if local planning schemes are not up to date with the changes.

Mr Seeney also had a message aimed squarely at Queensland local governments: speed things up.

"As an industry, you're doing your bit with your input and investment," he told the UDIA.

"And now we are asking councils to do their bit by reducing approval timeframes, stopping minor matters from getting bogged down by unnecessary approvals and avoiding excessive development standards."

The State Planning Policy will be gazetted on Friday.

On Monday, it will be available for viewing online at http://www.dsdip.qld.gov.au.