The winner of the $1.3m Keno ticket has claimed their prize.
The winner of the $1.3m Keno ticket has claimed their prize.

'Mum had a premonition', $1.3m Keno winner reveals

UPDATE, 1.50pm: A PREMONITION has come true for a Wollongbar couple who today discovered they won a Keno prize of more than $1.3 million.

They held a Keno 10 Spot winning entry in game 497, taking home $1,313,387.20.

Confirming their news with a Keno official this afternoon, the stunned couple revealed they were completely oblivious to their win until they checked their ticket this afternoon.

"We can't believe it. This is amazing news," the emotional wife said.

"You have no idea what this means to us. It is a godsend. This will do so much for us. It's completely life-changing.

It's a hell of a win, you can say that again. I can't believe we're millionaires.

"My mum had a premonition a few years ago that I would win Keno. I never really thought it would happen, but now it has.

"It feels crazy! We've been going through a rough patch, so this really has come at the perfect time."

When asked how they planned to enjoy their prize, the excited woman said she had plenty of ideas.

"I want to help my family and friends," she explained.

"We want to renovate our house and get a new car too, then we will take our whole family on a holiday."

Wollongbar Tavern owner Gavin Brown said everyone at the tavern was very excited.

"For a community like Wollongbar it's enormous," he said.

"We are glad they have discovered their win and can begin living their lives as millionaires.

"We are very happy for our local winners and we wish them all the best with their prize."


Original story: DID you put on a Keno ticket at the Wollongbar Tavern yesterday afternoon?

You could be $1.3 million richer, and not even know it yet.

The Wollongbar patron held a Keno 10 Spot winning entry in game 497 on Thursday, July 4, worth a grand total of $1,313,387.20.

Keno officials are urging all players who purchased a Keno entry at Wollongbar Tavern to check their tickets.

Wollongbar Tavern owner Gavin Brown said the tavern was in celebration mode.

"It's very exciting for everyone at the tavern," he said.

"For a community like Wollongbar, it's enormous.

"We can't wait for our winner to come forward and we look forward to celebrating with them.

"We are over-the-moon for our winner, and we hope to crown our next Keno millionaire soon."

Keno spokeswoman Ally Ramsamy said she was eager to confirm the news with the winner and unite them with their prize.

"Someone out there could be heading into the weekend over $1.3 million richer but they just don't know it yet," she said.

"We're urging all Keno players who purchased a Keno entry at Wollongbar Tavern to check their tickets today. You could be holding the winning entry.

"We recommend checking wallets, purses, coat pockets and handbags for any tickets that may be on the loose.

"We've had past winners come forward after finding an old ticket hiding in plain sight, so start looking in the obvious places.

"If you discover you're holding the winning Keno 10 Spot ticket, hold on tight to it and head into your closest Keno venue as soon as possible so that we can start the prize claim process."