ALMOST 300 skilled workers are still needed to fill positions at the Costco warehouse before it opens in November.

The US company is known to offer some peculiar retail offerings such as coffins, medical services and tyres.

Jobs such as meat-wrappers and bakery sanitisers are also on the unusual wanted list as are positions for bakery forklift drivers, stockists, petrol station attendants, tyre sales assistants, food court attendants, service deli assistants, rotisserie staff, merchandise stockers, front-end supervisors, front-end cashiers, assistants, optical managers and licensed optometrists.

Part-time and full-time positions are available.

A Costco spokesperson said the exact date for the store's November opening is expected by early October.

The petrol station is anticipated to open before the warehouse.

Construction of the massive 13,750sqm site, the equivalent of two football fields, is well under way.

A membership office has been set up on Gliderway St at Bundamba and is open from 8am-4pm.

See for details and to apply for jobs.