Winifred Jefferies, spends a quiet moment with a piece of cake as she prepares to celebrate her 107th birthday.
Winifred Jefferies, spends a quiet moment with a piece of cake as she prepares to celebrate her 107th birthday. Adam Hourigan

107th birthday 'just another day' for Win

WINIFRED Jefferies started today the same she has for many of the 14 years she's lived at Dougherty Villa in Grafton.

She woke around 7am, carefully laid out her immaculate clothes and doing her own hair and makeup before starting her day.

Today is special, however. Ms Jefferies turns 107 years old, and while family and staff marvel at her vigour, she is nonplussed.

"It's just another day. One day older than the last," she said.

One day older than the previous 39080 to be precise.

She has been asked the usual questions many times. What's her secret to long-life? What shouldn't you do?

"Don't die I guess," she said with a wry smile. "I just you've just got to live clean and keep going."

Gathered at small morning tea with family and friends, Ms Jefferies said that at her age, she didn't really need any presents, though one appears in front of her in a flash.

Fishing out a beautiful serving plate, her eyes briefly light up as she spots the chocolate hidden in the packaging.

"I can't eat much chocolate now, but I have a few. When I was younger I'd finish off a block," she remembered.

Ms Jefferies remembers much of her life spent entirely in the Clarence Valley. Born in 1912, in the same year the Titanic went down, she has lived through two World Wars, travelled across the Grafton bridge by punt before the old bridge was built in 1932, and was married for 67 years.

She had three children, and currently also has six great great grandchildren, the latest of the fifth generation of her family beneath her born in June.

At her new home, Ms Jefferies is still an active participant in all around her, and keeps up with regular bingo games with two cards as part of regular activities. After lunch, she grabs her walker and goes for some laps around the home's carpark

"She is so amazing," granddaughter Glenda Rogan said.

"She always does the hair and makeup, and she looks great. She went downtown to get a new dress for the birthday. She has always looked immaculate, and still does.

"There'll probably be lots of little celebrations for her all week."

Win is still ambivalent to the attention, but despite some loss in her hearing is as quick as ever when asked about making 107 years of age.

"Too old, probably," she said with a smile.