100 changes in bombshell aged care report


The Aged Care Royal Commission report to be handed to the Governor-General today will contain more than 100 recommendations.

However it is unlikely to be made public until mid next week when the government will issue an interim response, and a full response will have to wait until the May Budget, Federal Health Minster Greg Hunt said yesterday.

"We will provide a full response during the course of the Budget because it will actually be a major initiative that the Prime Minister and the Treasurer had previously indicated," Mr Hunt said.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Association has warned the government mandated nurse-to-resident ratios are crucial to any reform of the system making a difference.

"All the other interventions won't be sustainable without it, it is the linchpin for all other recommendations,' ANMF federal secretary Annie Butler said.

Nurses working in aged care revealed this week they often have to care for over 100 patients - a situation that is dangerous and unsustainable.



A News Corp Australia investigation last year found more than 100 vulnerable elderly Australians are being raped, assaulted and even murdered in residential aged care facilities every week.

But the real figure is likely to be 10 times higher because most go unreported and until recently aged care homes did not have to report them if they are carried out by someone with dementia.

Nurses working in aged care told News Corp Australia residents had maggots in their wounds, their incontinence pads were rationed to three per day and some residents aren't showered regularly.

Even pain medication is rationed.

The Royal Commission heard 30,000 people either died waiting for a package or ended up in an aged care home unnecessarily because they couldn't get government assistance to stay in their home.

News Corp Australia reported earlier this year the Aged Care Quality Standards Commission had slapped sanctions or compliance orders on 26 aged care homes after audits found serious risks to residents.



Originally published as 100 changes in bombshell aged care report