24 September - 23 October

Your imagination is wild today. You might purposely disconnect from the reality of the situation. Distracting yourself from pressing issues is a way of unconsciously avoiding your problems. You must plant your feet firmly on the ground, possibly even resetting some situation. You need to renegotiate the terms of an agreement and address the issue head-on. Being fearful only makes you less effective. Rise to the challenge. You might finally take the initiative on some matter that's been languishing.


24 October - 22 November

You want a fresh new lifestyle but are out of sync with what you can reasonably afford right now. This makes the gap between what you have and don't have to seem bigger than you thought. This, in turn, creates even more dissatisfaction' Whatever happened to 'slow and steady wins the race'' It doesn't mean you can't make a change but you must be cleverer in staking your claim. Perfect your skills, enjoy what you do and don't be scared to confidently show your expertise.


23 November - 22 December

You could find yourself in an unholy alliance. You might have to do this temporarily to satisfy the needs of some of the players involved. You don't need to feel connected emotionally to those you're either or socially connected to. This is a passing phase providing you with some interesting life lessons. You have a job to do. The characters that are part of it shouldn't be accepted or rejected. You must play your part, and live and let live. Although you are giving others space, it doesn't seem to be reciprocated now.


23 December - 20 January

If you have a secure relationship, there's a need to clarify and draw a line in the sand. Your understanding regarding duplicity or disloyalty might come up in conversation. Issues of trust inhibit intimacy. You need to be careful that accusations are based on imagination rather than fact. There are also other issues from the past. They are still undisclosed or queued for discussion. If you're not in a relationship at this time, you may well begin one. It's likely to be a platonic one.


21 January - 19 February

You're on the road to recovery or good news concerning health concerns. You are determined to turn over a new leaf and to not just look good but to feel great as well. You're okay about 'new age' or other herbal treatments but make sure that's done against a background of traditional diagnosis. If you're not usually open to 'alternatives', that might change. You must distinguish between your work and personal matters. You've been overworking and must compartmentalize different areas of your life.


20 February - 20 March

You are possibly embarrassed into making a donation or show of goodwill for some cause. This is against your better judgement. In fact, you only do this to save face or avoid some argument. Keeping your ego intact, means acting manner contrary to what your heart tells you. It doesn't matter if you don't live up to the expectations or standards of friends and family. Live by your standards. You may be feeling some heat about some course of action. Your round peg doesn't fit into their square hole.


21 March - 20 April

You experience many things emerging from your subconscious now. They need to be looked at and dealt with. This could lead you to adopt a new attitude generally. Your powers of perception increase and you are interested in topics such as the paranormal or supernatural. You might also receive sudden or unexpected gifts or legacies around this time. Friendships will be particularly satisfying. You will use this time to make some great connections to push through on some of your professional ambitions.


21 April - 21 May

Direct your energies carefully today as you may be spread all over the place. You'll end up not getting much at all done. Perhaps you're dreaming faraway places and how to finally achieve some of your long-term goals. It's not a bad idea to have a plan and a written one at that. To make your dreams come true you need to cut back on surplus expenses. You don't realise it but you've probably been living beyond your means. Nip this in the bud early and claw back some extra cash.


22 May - 21 June

There are difficult aspects today. You should take caution while travelling or working with anything that potentially causes injury. Perhaps worrying too much about debts or financial problems means you're taking your eye off the ball. A lapse in concentration might spell problems for you. Keep your mind on the task at hand especially with hot or sharp objects. Making unannounced visits to friends isn't a good idea even if you're planning to surprise them. It's better to call first.


22 June - 23 July

Deep and mysterious feelings emerge now as a new transformative phase is starting. Karmic planets in your horoscope now point to some brilliant insights. You're more tuned in to your own and others' emotional triggers. It's a personal arena of your life that most of your karma is being released. The flow on from this is to improve your love life. You're making positive changes in your life. This is varying your routine for the better. You'll be happy with a change.


24 July - 23 August

Your sensitivity to everything is heightened today. You experience signals or insights and information that is not usually received this way. Spiritual and intuitive energies dominate at this time. It all depends on how you use this power-either for good or for bad. You might even be sceptical about it. It's a day of friendship and love. As these feelings come to the fore you feel a growing sense of satisfaction. You must trust your instincts in dealing with newcomers in your social circle.


24 August - 23 September

Work versus relationships is playing on your mind today. You'll find this a recurrent theme over the next couple of weeks. You're wondering which way to turn. Withdrawing from work for a while can help clear your mind. Coming to a conclusive decision needs a little more time. Your professional life will be affected if you're too stubborn. You might not choose to play with the mind games of others. You're tired of dealing with issues on their terms. Try to be more flexible.

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