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Peters Oaten Hay 2kg



PETERS OATEN HAY (2kg) The high fibre, low calcium and low protein content make Peters Oaten Hay the best food out there that is delicious and just as nutritious for your little rabbit and/or guinea pig. A plentiful source of long-strained fibre to improve digestive health and gastrointestinal function, regular chewing of the hay will also wear down your little pet’s constantly growing teeth. Enabling them to spend time with their natural roughage will call their natural instinct to foliage their food and with Peters Oaten Hay’s unique nutty flavour and crunch, there’s no doubt they’re going to feel at home. Feeding Guide: Grass hay should constitute 75% of a their daily diet. Allow your pet rabbit or guinea pig unlimited access to Peters Oaten Hay for constant grazing.   Ingredients: Oaten Hay (grown in Australia) Weight: 2kg   Available in bags of: 1kg and 2 kg.  

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