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Hard Korr Power HKPBATL200P 200Ah Lifepo4 Deep Cycle Battery


Date listed: 4/5/2020

Hard Korr deep-cycle lithium batteries consist of high quality aluminium-encased prismatic cells with a nominal voltage of 3.2V per cell. Whilst more expensive to manufacture, prismatic cells are more stable and shock-resistant than cheaper options which simply consist of cylindrical cells wired together.Our deep-cycle batteries utilise an advanced battery management system to protect against overcharge and ensure an even energy balance between cells. They can be connected in parallel (up to 2) or series (up to 4).Molded EVA rubber cushioning ensures better stability and longevity in high-vibration applications such as off-road use.With a tough, cushioned metal frame, it is suited to a wide range of applications including 4wd, camping, marine, RV and electric vehicles.THE HARD KORR DIFFERENCEDont be fooled batteries might look similar on the outside, but the key differences between low-quality and high-quality batteries are on the inside.Our battery cells are protected by a strong, custom-designed metal frame with inbuilt shock absorption.The frame offers protection against knocks and drops, and ensures better stability and longevity when used in high-shock and high-vibration environments such as marine and vehicle applications.KEY FEATURESLong cycle lifeLasts up to 10 times longer than lead acid (SLA) batteriesMore usable capacityUse up to 100% of total stored energy (SLA approx. 50%)Fast chargingUp to 10 times faster than SLA batteriesLight weightAbout half the weight of an equivalent SLA batteryUltra-low self discharge&

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